Art Installation Made Easy

Tapgaze is a 3D Wall Artwork sharing app in Augmented Reality for smartphone/tablet

Hold the phone to the desired walls and walk around to view Wall Art collections in 3D, no need for bulky hardware stuck to a desk !

Upload a photograph or image of your wall artwork, download the mobile app for free (iPhone/iPad) and visualize a wall art collection with the frame in 3D.

Persistent Placement

Browse unlimited art catalogues, place artworks on a wall and walk around, they'll stay at the spot on the wall where you placed them !

Create Presence

Place, move, gaze and interact with multiple 3D artwork in its real size as if it were present in your physical space

Simplified Wall Art Creation in 2 Minutes

Bring An Art Collection To Augmented Reality In A Few Easy Steps

Upload the image of an artwork, set the frame size, materials and colours and you’re done ! The Tapgaze Creator app is an easy to use tool to create the frames in 3D.

Real Life Size

Design the 3D frame - boxed, tray, floating amongst the choices by setting the width, depth and height of the border and matte.

Material Properties

Choose across a wide and increasing range of materials, set smoothness and tint to your preference.


We just released the Open Beta version for everyone to join Free.

Start creating your canvas artwork for augmented reality today !

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An App For Users To Share Wall Art Augmented Reality Experiences

Choose a Format


Your smartphone or tablet will add your photos to your media folder.


Record the full length of your AR experience.


Or stream live your AR experience to your desired audience.

Ready to Join in Three Steps?


Create artwork with an Artist or Exhibitor account. Or enter as a Visitor.


In a few clicks design and create your wall artwork with a frame in 3D. Not for Visitor accounts.


Enjoy everyone's art in AR with your smartphone or tablet !

Tapgaze is a member at the MuseumNext Digital Platform

We are proud to contribute and participate at the MuseumNext digital platform.