Rendergon was an augmented reality startup studio based in London and is behind the conceptualization and technological development of Tapgaze

We are thrilled by the opportunities that flexible game engines can deliver leveraging cloud computing and the algorithmic results that small devices like smartphones can churn.

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    The key technological elements of Tapgaze:

    Augmented Reality

    Leading Augmented Reality Algorithm - Apple's ARKit

    ARKit combines device motion tracking, camera scene capture and advanced scene processing to to simplify the task of building an AR experience.

    tapgaze augmented reality art app on ios apple smartphone iphone arkit
    tapgaze creator augmented reality unity snapshot
    Game Engine

    The power of Unity's Game Engine

    Development and mechanics built in Unity's game engine leading platform to provide seamless user experience and endless possibilities

    Cloud Computing

    Reliable SaaS data management and graphics cloud computing platform

    Our partner: Microsoft Azure's cloud computing platform.
    - Distributive and hassle-free-scalable SaaS based technology
    - Performant CDN system
    - AI algorithm based image filter

    tapgaze augmented reality art community sharing app
    Convenient and Safe Access

    Our Apps are widely available from the Apple App Store

    The Tapgaze apps are available for download from the popular and safe Apple App store.
    We have made the apps to be conveniently accessible accross Apple products.
    The Tapgaze aumented reality is available for iPhone and iPad.
    The Tapgaze Creator app is available for MacOS and soon to be released for iPad.