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    Tapgaze is a 3D canvas art sharing app in augmented reality.

    Do you View or Create canvas art? Choose to get your app:

    Get Tapgaze augmented reality app to experience all art catalogues in augmented reality (AR). Available from the Apple app store for iPhone and iPad.

    You get a free dedicated exhibition art space at Tapgaze.

    Get Tapgaze Creator (available for MacOS and soon iPad) to create your canvas artwork in 3D. Hassle free – this is an intuitive tool to manage your art catalogue, create real size frames in 3D and attach your painting or photo images.

    Also get the Tapgaze augmented reality app in your iPhone or iPad to experience all art catalogues in augmented reality.

    We are thrilled to launch the app free, everyone in the Art Community can enjoy art in augmented reality.