Art Online In Augmented Reality: Rendergon is delighted to launch Tapgaze App. We are a 3D virtual wall art Community that enjoy canvas art with augmented reality (AR).

You create catalogues of paintings with 3D frames and enjoy their presence in your physical space by placing the artwork around you.

Tapgaze is a shared space where members can express themselves and connect with other art lovers and technology enthusiasts.

Creators – meaning artists or exhibitors – upload paintings and photos to our online service and provide the specifications that generate the frame. Creators can then share the 3D artwork with the community in augmented reality.

Tapgaze is currently available on Apple’s iPhone and Ipads. Join our art augmented reality community today by signing up to our beta version today.

Our community members also include Visitors who enter just to enjoy art catalogues in augmented reality. In fact, any user at Tapgaze can browse all catalogues from others all over the world.

Art Online In Augmented Reality
Thanks to the augmented reality’s vanguard tech features, users can move, visualise and interact with the 3D artwork as if it were present in their physical space.

Finally, Tapgaze Creator is an intuitive tool to manage and create art catalogues. Users create real size frames in 3D and attach the painting image. Tapgaze Creator runs on MacOS.

The three key technological elements of Tapgaze:

  • Apple’s ARKit: It combines device motion tracking, camera scene capture and advanced scene processing. The latter simplifies the task of building an augmented reality experience.
  • Unity Game Engine: User interface and mechanics are built in Unity’s platform. Effectively, this provides a seamless user experience and endless possibilities.
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing: Reliable SaaS data management, graphics and a computer vision solution.

Art Online In Augmented Reality

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We just released the Beta version for everyone to join free.

Start creating your painting artwork for AR today ! (iOS/MacOS only)

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