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Beta Testing Program

Beta Testing with Apple: Testflight

To install beta testing versions, Apple requires you install Apple’s app TestFlight, Apple’s thorough explanation can be found here. Here is a step-by-step video.

Install TestFlight

The TestFlight app is available on the AppStore: open the AppStore and search and install and launch TestFlight. When asked to login, sign in with your Apple ID. This would generally be the Apple ID used in the mobile device where you want to install Tapgaze but does not need to match the email address where Apple sent you the Testflight invitation.

Install Tapgaze

You will have received an email from Apple inviting you to view Tapgaze app in TestFlight. Click on “View in TestFlight”, this will launch TestFlight. You will then see the Tapgaze preview page, tap on Install.

tapgaze art augmented reality app Testflight install email

Note: if for whatever reason clicking on the email View in TestFlight doesn’t open TestFlight, just copy the link and open it in Safari. You’ll see a redemption code you can manually copy and paste directly into the TestFlight app.

Once the AR App is installed you can treat it like any other app. It will have an orange dot near the name of ARTCatalogue to indicate it’s a TestFlight install.

tapgaze art augmented reality app on mobile

Install an Update

From now on, whenever a new version of this app is available, you’ll see a notification from TestFlight. All you need to do is open Testflight, select the app and tap on update to install the latest version.

Note: The app will not update automatically. This allows you control what version to test. Please finalize any feedback notes/snapshots/videos before you change version as you will not be able to go back a version.

Note: There may be situations when your “outdated” installed version stops functioning if you don’t update. In this case, to maintain an uninterrupted service, update. If this is the case, we will let you know.

tapgaze art augmented reality app Tutorial Install Testflight update

During Beta, users can create their account with the AR app of Tapgaze. Please follow this step-by-step video to create your profile.

You can provide us with feedback via email at or open TestFlight.

If Tapgaze crashes it is instrumental for our progress to receive the crash report.

You will be prompted to send it to us when this happens.

tapgaze augmented reality art app testflight beta report

Alternatively please open TestFlight, select Tapgaze and it will invite you to send us the report.

If for any circumstance an option to send the report is not shown to you, please contact us