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Artists And Exhibitor Preparation:

File specifications and text narratives artists and exhibitors will need when setting up their account and creating their art portfolios in Tapgaze:


  • You add your logo at the time you create your account
  • File format: jpg or png
  • Resolution: 1024×512
  • Max File size: 1MB size
  • Transparency: yes

AR Mobile App Header Background Color

During the AR experience, users can see a header at the top of the screen with your logo. You may want to think of the header background color that will show underneath your logo. Example header with logo below in white:

tapgaze augmented reality art app header

Description of Artist or Exhibitor

This is the description of you as the artist or exhibitor that you input when you create your account.

  • Maximum 240 characters

Artwork Image

You can upload your artwork images with Tapgaze Creator

  • Maximum artwork image size: 2MB each
  • Format: jpg or png
  • Width and height: Please make sure the width to height relationship of the image you save is the real life true scaled size you want for an AR experience. For example, if the painting in real life is 175cmx150m, you may want to save your image in pixels where width is 1.5x the height. This is important because Tapgaze Creator automatically calculates the height of your canvas art image and you can only enter the real size width of the canvas art image as an input.

Catalogue Information

Each catalogue represents a room in a gallery that holds several artwork for the artist or exhibitor, you may want to think of it as a theme.

You can add catalogue information in Tapgaze Creator.

  • Each Catalogue Name: Max 20 characters
  • Each Catalogue Description Max 240 characters